A Pink House

A Pink House tells the story of Jax Goodman, a 10-year-old hypochondriac who lives with his mother and recently deceased "Grammy" in Parma, Ohio. During the summer of 1963, Jax must navigate his budding feelings for Mary Lynn, come to terms with his father moving out, try to get along with his hysterical mother, and find a way to fit in with the cool kids on the cul-de-sac. But when Billy, the group's ring leader, takes their neighborhood games too far, Jax discovers two things: that every white-picket fence hides its own secrets and that his newfound friends aren't as perfect as they seem.

After roughly three years, I'm proud to say that my first novel, A Pink House, is finally ready for everyone to read! It's currently available on a number of ebook platforms for a variety of e-reading devices, which you can access via the links below!

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Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point, including my English teachers at Hawken; my guidance counselor, Ms. Bischoff; and my wonderful illustrator, Keara McGraw. Check out Keara's work at kearamcgrawcreative.com.