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Red Band Society

This is Leo, "the rebel" on Fox's new show, Red Band Society.

This is Leo, "the rebel" on Fox's new show, Red Band Society.

For those of you who don't know, those lucky few who aren't subjected to my constant Leo fan-girling, I have recently become addicted to the show, Red Band SocietyRed Band Society is one of Fox's new shows for this fall that tells the story of six teenagers who live in a pediatric hospital for a variety of reasons. The show's ensemble cast, including the awe-inspiring Octavia Spencer, rings of a Breakfast Club premise, but with a fresh new twist and heartthrobs worthy of the most adamant, Twilight-level fan-girling.

Although I could go on forever about how great this show is, and how all of you should watch it (subtle plug), I'm going to stop myself here. Partially because I want all of you to see how amazing this show is for yourselves. You don't need me to tell you about it, just turn on your TV, sit down, and devote an hour of your free time to this show. (okay, not-so-subtle plug) I'm like one of those cliffhangers at the end of a book that makes you want to go out and buy the sequel right now. (I'm talking about you, The Maze Runner!)

But I also want to stop myself from talking about Red Band Society for another reason: to tell you how I found out about The Clairity Project and why you should find out about it too. So after my first Red Band Society episode, I couldn't get enough. I had to hear more about the show, and did NOT have the patience to wait another week for more information. And so, like most college students avoiding their piles of homework, I went to YouTube. This is when I first found Claire's videos.

Claire, of The Clairity Project, is a senior in high school with Cystic Fibrosis who talks about her experiences with CF and how there can actually be benefits to having a chronic illness if you have the right attitude. (This may sound strange, I mean, how can their be benefits of having a long-term illness? Claire addresses this question beautifully in her 2 TED Talks, which I encourage you to look up on YouTube as well!)

Since one of the characters on Red Band Society also has CF, Claire has been uploading weekly reviews of each episode, and how they relate to/ stray from her personal experiences in and out of pediatric hospitals. This all might sound a bit morbid, but that's just the point (of both Red Band Society and The Clairity Project): it doesn't have to be. You can still have heartthrobs and heartbreaks, nerds and cheerleader bitches, homecomings and cafeteria politics while in a hospital. In fact, some of the best lines in the show are snarky/hilarious comments made by Kara, "the queen B-word."

To get real with you all for a moment, I have to say that this is some of the best writing I've seen on TV in a while (since the glorious days of Friday Night Lights). The episodes are evenly mixed with jokes and genuine sentiment, and I end up experiencing all of the feels by the end of each Wednesday night. And Claire's commentary is spot-on, extremely insightful and always upbeat. I look forward to her videos just as much as the actual show at this point, and that's because she is an amazing speaker. So below I've posted a clip of one of Claire's reviews to get you all on my fan-girl level. Seriously, please get on my level; you won't regret it!