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Design For America

DFA logo on logo on logo on logo

DFA logo on logo on logo on logo

When I first arrived at Northwestern in 2013, there were many things that I saw myself doing; experiences that the overly enthusiastic tour guides claimed were "Northwestern musts." I pictured myself painting the rock, dancing for 3543564758768 hours during Dance Marathon, and joining every single film-related club on campus.

However, instead of doing all these things, I joined DFA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Design for America (who haven't personally experienced a Carolyn DFA geek-out where DFA facts come up like word vomit), DFA is a student-group on campus that tackles current issues in the local community with the human-centered design process.

In other words, we get into small groups and brainstorm solutions to existing problems that effect the community we live in. On campus, DFA is commonly called "one of the Engineering clubs", which is why my involvement in DFA both shocked my parents and also gave them hope that I might actually find a job after college (their fear being that I will graduate and become another homeless film major trying to make it in LA).

To be totally honest (or tbh for those of you who only speak in text-worthy abbreviations), I was surprised I joined DFA too. Surrounding yourself with engineers is always an intimidating experience, especially when your knowledge of science stops at Velocity = Mass times Acceleration. But it's also been one of the best experiences I've had at Northwestern so far.

"Oh no, she's getting sappy," you're thinking. Please, tell us how this experience has changed you and made you a better person than before and yadda yadda yadda. Don't worry; I won't go there. (Even though it has, and yadda yadda yadda.) Being on paragraph number 5, I'll make my high school English teachers proud and restate my thesis/ get to my conclusion. So, thesis: DFA is cool/ some of the best experiences are ones you don't plan for. And conclusion: watch this video about it for more info/ because if a picture says a thousand words, a YouTube video must say a billion.