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Animation 101

So, it's been awhile. I'll admit it. But like most college students, I have been swamped with homework, midterms, more homework, more midterms, even MORE homework and even MORE midterms. (I hope you got the point?) Nevertheless, there are some things that should come before homework and midterms, like sleep, blogging (my b guys), and Red Band Society!

Another one of these things is one of my new favorite extracurricular activities: Lucid. Although the title suggests heavy LSD usage, Lucid is actually a student film project that I'm working on this quarter. Lucid tells the story of a young girl who escapes her fighting parents when she falls asleep and stumbles into the world of her imagination. Once there, epic-ness ensues.

And guess what else? This film is animated. So I'm helping out with this project by In-betweening and rotoscoping. In human terms, I will be drawing each frame between a starting and ending point that the head animator has drawn in order to create motion for "in-betweening", and then will be tracing each frame of real-life film footage for "rotoscoping". This part is actually really cool, so I'll elaborate: over the summer, a few of the students involved in Lucid filmed the scenes grounded in reality with real-live actors and actresses. Then, we take this footage and trace each frame onto a piece of paper in order to animate the scene. AKA, rotoscoping is the bomb.

While this all sounds super technical, I couldn't be more excited to get started. My excitement level has officially burst through the mega-nerd stratosphere, (along with this sentence). So far, I've mostly been finding my way through Photoshop and its steep learning curve, but I'm quickly falling in love with the whole animation process!

Above is a video that our head animator "assigned" to give us the animation fundamentals. Of course, the video was made by none other than the all-knowing, omnipotent Disney Corporation. Somehow, they make watching a white box bounce around a mesmerizing experience. Oh, the power of good animation! So check it out (it's only 2 and a half minutes long), and let me know what you think!