Nielsen UX Project

During the fall of 2015, I worked with Nielsen's Marketing Technologies department as they geared up for the release of their newest report-building product, Ad Intel Next. With this new product, we wanted to make sure that the new tool addressed + corrected any pain points that their clients were currently experiencing pulling market data from Nielsen's database. My role was therefore to collect data on the client's current experience and then use this data to inform design decisions moving forward.

Let's break this down:

  • I created a project plan for both the research and re-design, which included 3 stages for the 3 different questions guiding our project: How does the tool currently work - and fail - it's users? How can we make this new tool better? How can we incorporate these new features into the current production plan?
  • I conducted user 20+ user interviews and analyzed 60+ survey responses to define all pain points in the user experience
  • I sketched low-fidelity mock-ups and got feedback from clients, Nielsen account managers, and Nielsen's IT dev team
  • I improved upon initial ideas and created clickable wireframes using Marvel Online prototyping
  • I presented my research findings, prototypes, and suggested next steps to Nielsen executives