DFA Summer Studio Timeline, 2015

 Week 1 - User Research July 13th – 17th

Students work to become an expert on the topic through online research interviews with domain experts and users as well as observations.

 Week 2- Synthesis and Analysis July 20th – 24th

 Teams work to find patterns within their research to uncover where design might make a difference. They articulate their assumptions and do further research to refine their insights.

 Week 3- Brainstorming July 27th – 31st

Based on insights, students start to brainstorm as many different potential solutions as possible. They share these ideas broadly, get feedback and narrow in on 3-5 main ideas.

 Week 4- Prototyping August 3rd – 7th

Based on initial feedback of ideas, teams start to make very quick and rough version of their ideas

Week 5- Testing August 10th – 14th

 Once many different ideas are made quickly, the team will bring these concepts back to the users to evaluate their effectiveness and determine what might work better than other solutions

 Week 6- Story-telling August 17th – 21st

Throughout this week, students will be working to refine their ideas and prepare to tell the story of the their project. The Final Celebration will be held on August 20th at Northwestern University. Design professionals, users and community partners are invited.