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I'm in Uni!

These past few weeks, I have spent most of my time getting settled into a routine here in Wellington. I've done all of the adult things I'm supposed to do, like buying groceries, cleaning the "flat" (occasionally...) and finding all of my classes at my new "uni". (Picking up on kiwi lingo - check.)

So to start us off, here's a pic of my new home away from home, The Victoria University of Wellington (also known as "Vic").

With over 16,000 students, Vic's campus is fairly big and always busy with people rushing to class. (Note: the lack of human life in this pic is largely due to the fact that I took this on a Sunday afternoon.)

Because campus sits on top of a hill, we get a really nice view looking out over Wellington, which looks like this:

Pretty, right? It also helps that its summer here in New Zealand, so we've luckily had a lot of sunshine since I've moved in. This has justified many lazy beach days and shenanigans - like riding around the harbor in a 4-person alligator bicycle.

I know what you're thinking, and no - I did not photoshop my head into this pic. I was actually there! Here's documented proof of my 30 minutes inside the alligator.

Next we went to the Red Rocks Marine Reserve, famous for its red rocks (duh) and the fur seal colony that hangs out on them. Fun fact: Fur seals only migrate to the Red Rocks area in the winter months (aka June - September in the land down under). So we didn't get to see any seals, but I did get to snap some pretty cool pics! Like these:

Found some fun sidewalk art along the way!

And some building art too!

On the 12 mile Red Rocks walk, I scoped out some potential "batches" (kiwi for summer homes) to buy when I win the lottery...

When we finally got to the red rocks, we took a quick lunch break (peanut butter and nutella sandwiches - sorry mom) and were harassed by a giant bumble bee. Fun fact: We've been warned that these giant bumble bees don't sting you, but bite instead. How gross!

Here's the crew (aka me, Sydney, Melissa and Kristy) pre-bumble bee invasion.

After a tasty, nutritious lunch, we finally made it to the red rocks and took this pic of the reserve's namesake (plus Kristy!) :

I also took these:

The dragon princess braid pictured below is brought to you by Kristy L.

Got a bit lost on the way home - but found this cool sign! goes to show, home follows you wherever you go. Fun fact: one of my new kiwi friends in my English "paper" (aka class) lived in Beachwood for 2 years!! Honestly what are the odds... so crazy!

In our effort to soak up as much sun as possible, we decided to go to Kapiti Coast (pronounced like "cop" + itty, we were corrected often). On the west coast of New Zealand, most of the beaches have black sand due to its volcanic environment, so the sand is extra hot! Despite burning the bottom of my feet, I still snapped a quick pic before running to the water.

Also still loving the kiwi cup of coffee. Fun fact: They put cocoa powder on top of their cappuccinos, and it's delicious!

My face when it arrived:

They also make a mean Lamington cake (aka sponge cake covered in chocolate frosting and coconut). Obligatory "trying to be artsy" food pic below:

So that pretty much sums up my last few weeks here in Wellington! To finish this off - my "flatmate" Madeline just introduced me to a cool new New Zealand band called six60. Fun fact: The band met at the University of Otago and named themselves after their freshman year address - 660 Castle Street. Here's one of my favorites from them - enjoy! And I hope this post finds you well.